Probation Violation

Being charged with probation violation is a serious matter that could ultimately result in devastating consequences. Our skilled Fairfax probation violation attorneys will diligently fight to protect your rights and freedom.

Often, a judge will agree to probation for a specified duration either in addition to or in lieu of other penalties. Essentially, the court is trusting an individual to act responsibly and honor the probation agreement. When prosecutors feel that the terms of probation have been violated, the individual must answer for his or her actions in court. These hearings revolve around noncooperation with specific programs or the incurring of new charges before the underlying case was disposed of. These hearings are very serious because, in essence, what they were protected from in the first instance, they are now exposed to as criminal penalties. Trust Ronald E. Smith, P.C., to fight on your behalf.

Several Factors Can Determine Probation Violation

Once probation has been awarded to an individual, there are several factors that can be seen as violations, including:

  • Failure to attend meetings with probation officer
  • Testing positive on a drug test
  • Failure to complete the required community service
  • Incurring new criminal charges

The outcome of this hearing can have drastic consequences, including the revocation of probation and possible incarceration. As soon as we accept your case, we will begin working to get you back into the specified programs and open lines of communication with your probation officer.

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