DWI/DUI Repeat Offenses

If you have been arrested for a repeat drunk driving (DUI, DWI) offense, the penalties you face are severe. But with an experienced defense attorney by your side, you have a chance to avoid some of the harshest consequences of a conviction.

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DWI/DUI Repeat Offenses

At Ronald E. Smith, P.C., we have extensive experience handling criminal defense cases for people facing DWI/DUI repeat offense charges. The criminal justice system gives offers little lenience for repeat DUI offenders and the penalties for 2nd and 3rd offenses are harsh. A conviction can affect your finances, driving privileges, home and work life, and your very freedom:

DUI Penalties for Repeat Offenders 2nd Offense (1st Class Misdemeanor)3rd Offense (Felony)

Minimum: $500

Maximum: $2500

Minimum: $1000

Maximum: $2500

Jail Time1 month - 1 year1-5 years in prison or up to 12 months in jail
Driver's License Suspension3 YearsIndefinite (may petition after 5 years)

Perhaps the most serious problem facing repeat DUI offenders is that convictions carry minimum mandatory jail/prison sentences, at least 3 years loss of license, and higher fines. Our attorneys understand the harsh consequences you are facing and will use our extensive knowledge of DUI laws and penalties to help you avoid the consequences of a 2nd or 3rd DUI conviction.

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