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Know options for dealing with drug charges in Virginia

You can probably remember the feeling you got the first time that you did your drug of choice. Now, you are facing criminal charges from an addiction that stemmed from your desire to replicate that feeling. You probably don't think that your entire future should hinge on a criminal case when all you need is the chance to get clean and walk on the right path again.

Resolution of case may lead to reinstatement of football players

Two suspended Virginia Tech football players might get to be reinstated to the team soon because of the resolution of criminal justice cases against the men. The two were suspended indefinitely after being arrested following the Hokies' annual spring game in April.

What types of crimes involve prescription drugs?

Thinking of drug charges, you might automatically think of drugs like heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs. While those types of drugs do make up a good portion of the drugs that lead to criminal charges, prescription drugs are also the drugs behind some criminal charges. In many cases, prescription drugs are being used to manage addictions and pain that the user can't control in any other manner. Still, prescription drug charges are serious charges that demand urgent attention.

Drug convictions can impact student aid eligibility

As we have discussed on several occasions, being convicted of a drug charge has several consequences that can last a lifetime. People who want to attend an institute of higher learning might be surprised to learn that a drug conviction, or any criminal conviction, might affect their ability to obtain federal student financial aid. For this reason, you should fight against any criminal charges you are facing, especially if you plan on going to school.

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