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What is the booking process like after a DUI arrest?

When you are placed under arrest for any crime, including drunk driving, you will be booked into the local jail. In some cases, this is known as being processed. There are several different things that will happen during this process. Understanding them might help you to make it through the process.

DUI charges require customized defense strategies

The summer season is here and that means that people are going to start enjoying the great outdoors. That also means that some people are going to consume alcohol while they are out in the sun. The sun and the heat can make the effects of alcohol more pronounced, which can be devastating if you are pulled over while you are driving drunk.

Several factors affect your blood alcohol concentration

When you are at a party and consuming alcohol, you probably aren't taking the time to think about how each drink will affect you. That oversight might be something you beat yourself up over if you are pulled over for the suspicion of drunk driving after you leave the party.

What are some myths about drinking alcohol?

If you are planning on going to a party at which alcohol will be served, it is crucial that you don't fall into some common fictitious statements about how alcohol can affect you. By understanding how alcohol can impact you, it will likely be easier for you to gauge your alcohol consumption and whether you are able to drive. If there are any doubts about your ability to drive, you should seek alternate transportation so that you can avoid facing a drunk driving charge. In the event you find yourself facing a DUI, make sure you take steps to begin a defense.

Investigation is crucial in a DUI defense case

Drunk driving charges often hinge on the information that is collected during a traffic stop. In some cases, the information that is collected is done so after your arrest. When you are facing drunk driving charges, you should investigate the initial stop and the subsequent events to determine if any of your rights have been violated or if the procedures that were supposed to be followed were followed. We can help you with the investigation.

DUI convictions sometimes mean time in school or rehabilitation

The effects of a drunk driving conviction are harsh in Virginia. In some cases, you will face time in jail, fines and the loss of your driver's license. You might also face a court order to attend a drunk driving class or alcohol treatment program. If you are ordered to attend a class or program, you have to do it or you face even more penalties.

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