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The Help You Need Against Charges Of Obstruction Of Justice

By legal definition, a person may be charged with obstruction of justice for taking any action that will hinder the police and prosecutor in the discovery of evidence, arrest or conviction for a criminal offense. Police and prosecutors make a judgment call when deciding whether obstruction of justice should be charged. In many cases, a person may not even be aware they are obstructing justice in an ongoing investigation.

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What Does Obstruction Of Justice Look Like?

A misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice can be charged if the police and prosecutor determine the individual took any of the following actions relative to an investigation, arrest or legal process:

  • Offering shelter as a hiding place to elude police
  • Knowingly offered transport or a means of transportation to assist in avoiding arrest
  • Did not report any communication with the individual to the police
  • Lied to the police or did not fully report evidence that would have aided the investigation
  • Communicated with others regarding aiding the individual under investigation
  • Offering a bribe of money, drugs or other favors to anyone involved in the investigation
  • Threatening other individuals who might have information related to the case

It is a natural reaction to offer help to a friend or family member, even at the cost of misunderstanding the seriousness of obstruction charges. If you are under investigation for obstruction of justice or helping someone resist arrest, get an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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