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Charged With Assaulting A Police Officer?

Over the past year or more, the news has been full of reports of police officers assaulting or shooting suspects at the scene of an arrest. Because of the heightened sensitivity about the issue, police are becoming intolerant of any form of physical resistance when making an arrest. If there is any physical provocation at the scene, prosecutors in Virginia are increasingly adding felony charges for assaulting a law enforcement officer to the criminal charges.

You Need Aggressive Criminal Defense

If you are facing charges for assaulting a Virginia police officer while being investigated or arrested, call Ronald E. Smith, a criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax. Our law firm is recognized as an aggressive team which is dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights when facing criminal charges.

Assaulting The Police? Or Protecting Yourself From Police Abuse?

By definition under Virginia law, felony assault requires intent to cause or threaten physical harm. We have all seen videos of police officers tackling or handling individuals with physical force when making an arrest. Being physically constrained is not a condition that humans accept naturally. Pushing back, verbal attacks, kicking and fighting to retain free movement of arms and legs is a natural response. In many cases, there is no criminal intent to assault or injure the police officer. Whether to add assault charges is at the discretion of the prosecutor, who may be trying to increase the odds of getting a conviction.

We provide effective criminal defense for related charges, such as:

  • Obstructing an investigation or arrest
  • Resisting an arresting police officer
  • Disorderly conduct at the scene of police investigation or arrest
  • Assault, battery
  • Speeding to avoid a traffic stop
  • Violations of probation

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