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Can you lie to the police?

Police officers employ a variety of tactics to encourage criminal suspects to talk. Sometimes, after hours of sitting in interrogation rooms, individuals even confess to crimes they did not commit. A confession, of course, makes for compelling evidence in a criminal...

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Can police officers legally lie to you?

The presumption criminal suspects are innocent until a judge or jury finds them guilty is a bedrock principle of the American legal system. Unfortunately, when investigating possible criminal conduct and interrogating suspects, police officers often already have their...

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Types of Virginia theft charges

Virginia categorizes all types of theft as larceny. Within this term, however, the law defines various levels of larceny, each with potential legal consequences based on the severity of the crime. Review the types of Virginia larceny offenses and the possible...

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What constitutes disorderly conduct?

Disorderly conduct seems like a straightforward offense. However, several factors need to be present, according to Virginia law, for a person to receive formal charges. Disorderly conduct is almost always a misdemeanor on its own, but it can become...

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