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What happens when an SSDI claim is not successful?

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If you are unable to work due to a physical injury, mental issue or medical condition, you understand the extent to which this can impact your finances. When you cannot support yourself because of factors beyond your control, it can be frustrating and overwhelming. As a disabled individual, you could be eligible for financial benefits through the Social Security Administration. 

Once you complete the paperwork and submit it, you may feel hopeful that you could get financial relief in the near future. After all, you have a legitimate disabling condition, and you did everything required of you to apply. Unfortunately, many initial claims are not successful. This could be devastating, but this is not the end of the road for you.

Reasons for denial?

Many initial claims come back denied. The SSA is notoriously picky and difficult to work with, and many applicants have to appeal or request a reconsideration of their claim. Some of the most common reasons why the SSA denies initial disability benefit claims include:

  • It’s not clear that you followed the doctor’s instructions for treatment of your medical condition.
  • It is possible that your disabling condition is the result of drug or alcohol use or abuse.
  • There is no evidence that your disability will affect you for at least 12 months or the rest of your life.
  • You make too much money and therefore are ineligible for disability benefits from the SSA.
  • There is not enough medical evidence included in your paperwork to validate your claim.
  • The SSA was unable to contact you regarding your claim, or you did not follow directions in your application.

Thankfully, there are still options available to you. Once you understand why your claim came back denied, you can move forward with the appropriate course of action.

Keep pursuing the help you need

It can be an arduous process to secure disability benefits. Even with a valid claim and legitimate injuries, it still will not be easy to get what you need. Many applicants find it beneficial to speak with an experienced Virginia SSDI attorney regarding their legal options. You may even find it beneficial to work with a legal ally with your initial paperwork.

An assessment of your case can help you gain a better understanding of SSDI eligibility requirements and what the SSA looks at when considering claims. You do not have to fight alone for the help you need.


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