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6 tips for financial survival while awaiting SSDI approval

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Let us say you submitted your claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Now you must wait to find out if the Social Security Administration approves your claim.

The wait can be up to a year and a half; meanwhile, you cannot work. How will you survive financially? Here are six suggestions to help you stay afloat during the SSDI approval process.

1. Friends and family

When friends and family ask how they can help because of your disability, do not be shy. Tell them your top need is for financial assistance.

2. Social Services

Your county Department of Social Services is a good place to begin looking for sources of financial aid.

3. Religious organizations

If you belong to a church, ask about financial help. If you are not a regular churchgoer, you could still find help from religious groups such as the Salvation Army. There, you may find help for obtaining basic necessities.

4. Support programs

In addition to local support, you should investigate state and federal programs, as well as private and nonprofit programs.

5. Home equity loan

If you own your home, you may consider refinancing or applying for a home equity loan.

6. Retirement plan

If you have life insurance or a retirement plan such as a 401(k), think about cashing out.

About unemployment compensation

Because you are out of work because of your disability, you may think of unemployment benefits as a way to stay financially solvent while awaiting the decision on your SSDI claim. Remember that unemployment compensation is a temporary solution for those who expect to work again soon. When you apply for SSDI, you expect to be unable to work for at least a year, possibly longer.

About your SSDI application

If you have not yet applied, keep in mind that the majority of applications submitted for SSDI receive a denial the first time around. Explore your legal options. With the help of an advocate, you may shorten the claim review process and, at the same time, improve your chances of winning approval.


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