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If you work while you have a disability, SSDI may award you

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If you qualify for benefits with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you receive government support for your disability or blindness. The program allows you to focus on maintaining your health while United States’ workers’ contributions provide you money to sustain yourself.

If you choose to work, although you suffer from a disability, you may prove eligible for work incentives through the SSDI program. Essentially, the government will continue to aid in your financial well being, all while you work part-time or full-time. The SSDI work incentives program works to help individuals have a sense of positive responsibility and the feeling of contribution by holding a job, but the program still provides benefits.

Work incentives for disabled people

If your disability inhibits your ability to work, the government provides for you through Social Security. However, if your clinically disabled, and you choose to work a job, you will not be punished by the government removing your SSDI benefits.

The incentive program allows you to have income from a position and still receive Medicare or Medicaid. The Social Security Administration (SSA) works to give those suffering from a disability the opportunity to work while providing for them. The SSA bypasses counting your income and adjusts your SSDI payments accordingly. The government will always ensure that you can sustain yourself based on both your income and government aid.

The trial work period and SSDI

The trial work period of SSDI gives you the ability to decide whether working will work for your unique disability situation. During this period, you will receive full SSDI benefits along with your income, and the trial can last up to 9 months.

Just because you receive SSDI benefits does not mean you cannot work, nor does it mean that you lose all benefits if you have income. The government recognizes that living with a disability is difficult, so the United States program works to ensure you receive accurate benefits.


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