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Man accused of multiple sex crimes

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2018 | Assault & Battery |

It may feel to people in Virginia that virtually every day lately there are new reports made detailing allegations of some form of sexual misconduct made against different men. Many of these allegations involve very famous persons in the entertaininment or media industries. Other such cases, however, involve individuals not in such high-profile or public professions.

A Virginia man is today in custody without bail after being arrested for and charged with multiple sex crimes. Public reports thus far have provided very few details of the case which make it very difficult for the defendant to look anything other than guilty to those who get only the few nuggets thus far provided. What is known is that the man was a physician and worked at a pain management clinic in Albermarle.

There are allegedly multiple people who say that the doctor sexually assaulted them. These accusations date back as far as 2005 apparently. He has been charged with at least five different offenses but it is not known how many individuals these five offenses pertain to or when they are said to have taken place. All five of the charges are felonies. No details have been released as to whether or not the defendant has indicated how he will plead yet.

Residents in Virginia who find themselves suddenly accused of sexual crimes might want to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn how they can protect their rights.

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