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Grand larceny: a common crime

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | Larceny & Theft |

Sometimes, the decisions made at certain points of life are not always ones to be proud of. Due to a number of factors, including poverty, poor health and the threat of bankruptcy, many Virginia residents commit acts of theft that can permanently ruin their personal and professional reputations. While the intentions of such crimes may initially seem benign, the state handles larceny seriously. All the same, theft is a common crime in Virginia, but the ways courts address cases can depend on each individual situation.

What may once appear a simple act of theft can quickly turn into grand larceny. Just last week, Channel 4 News reported that law enforcement arrested a Virginia volunteer who was accused of stealing thousands of dollars from her church, Queen of Apostles. As a result of taking money directly from church offerings, the woman now faces three counts of grand larceny. The police involved were given tips from an office employee at Queen of Apostles, and proceeded to set up a surveillance operation that later confirmed the employee’s suspicions. 

Local incidents of theft and larceny are more common than one might assume. According to Channel 3 News, another Virginia resident faces severe punishment after a judge deemed him guilty of committing a series of holiday burglaries last year. Similar to the aforementioned case, neighbors in the area grew suspicious when they witnessed the man and his co-defendant leaving a home that was later reported as having been burglarized. The Virginia Beach resident was convicted of 9 counts of burglary, grand larceny, felony of obtaining money by false pretenses and misdemeanor of obtaining money by false pretenses. This case proved yet again the severity of Virginia’s theft laws, as the man could serve eight years or more in prison.           


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