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Don’t hide from your domestic violence case, stand up against it

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Assault & Battery |

We recently discussed how important it is for you to take domestic violence charges seriously. Now that you have had a chance to read that post and think about your case, you probably realize that now is the time for you to get things going in your case. Even if it is difficult to think about what happened that lead to these charges, you have to confront that so that you can begin building your defense.

We understand that these cases sometimes involve very personal details. Those details might be hard to deal with when they are put out in the case. This is a time when having someone who isn’t personally involved in the case look into the matter might help you.

When we work with you on a domestic violence case, we take the time to get to know you and find out what happened. We want to ensure that you know your options for your defense. We want you to take the time to think about how your options might impact you now and well into the future.

You can’t sit back and just let these cases play out how they may. Domestic violence is considered a violent crime. This means that a conviction can impact you in ways you might not have thought about. Almost anything that requires you to undergo a background check will likely be off limits to you. This includes work opportunities, chances to volunteer or places to live.

Don’t waste any time getting your defense started. We are here to help you plan your strategy and move forward.


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