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Theft cases can come with lengthy incarceration, fight back

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2017 | Larceny & Theft |

In our previous blog post, we discussed burglary and some of the points that you can use to fight these charges. This isn’t only theft crime that a person might face. No matter what type of theft charge you are facing, you should find out about what options you have for your defense.

Virginia has some very strict laws regarding thefts. Some theft cases can carry up to 20 years in prison. When you think about facing serious time in prison like this, you can understand why it is so important to present a defense against the charges. On top of this, you might also be facing fines and other penalties.

We can help you to learn about the elements required for various charges. From there, we can determine how you can fight against the elements. The key to a criminal defense is introducing doubt into the mind of each juror so that the criteria of “beyond a reasonable doubt” isn’t met in the case.

There are some criminal matters that never go to trial. These cases are often resolved prior to a trial being set. We can work on your behalf to determine if this is possible in your case. Some methods of resolution, including plea deals, require us to work with the prosecution to come up with an agreeable outcome for the case.

All theft cases should be treated as serious matters that aren’t just going to go away. Take the time to get your defense started so that you aren’t trying to rush to throw one together if your case does progress to the trial phase.


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