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Violence and threats this holiday season can lead to charges

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2016 | Assault & Battery |

The holiday season is one that should be joyous; however, there are instances in which family events or holiday parties might turn tense. In these cases, it is important that everyone remain calm. If things erupt and a physical altercation ensues, criminal charges might be on the heels of that altercation.

We know that you didn’t think your holiday season was going to lead to you having to face criminal charges for physical violence. If you find yourself in this situation, you should learn your options immediately for a defense. We can help you to go over the case against you and determine what options are available for your defense.

Here’s something that you might not realize — even if you don’t get into a physical altercation, it is still possible for you face criminal charges if you verbally assaulted someone or made threats of violence. Those charges are also serious and demand that you take action to either prove that you aren’t guilty or to attempt to minimize the penalties you face.

If you are facing criminal charges for assault or battery, you should go over the case against you point-by-point. Don’t think that the charges will just go away or that they will be dropped by the alleged victim. The victim can’t drop the charges once the prosecution presses charges. Only the prosecutor can do this.

We understand that you might not want to think about a moment of anger leading to life consequences, but that might happen in these cases. Be sure that you fully understand how each option that are given might affect you now and into the future.


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