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Assault cases can carry mandatory minimum sentences in Virginia

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2015 | Assault & Battery |

Assault cases in Virginia are very serious matters. Any assault conviction can lead to imprisonment, fines or both. Even if the case is being tried as a misdemeanor case, there is still the possibility that you will face time in jail and fines. We know that you might not want to think about the possible penalties; however, you must consider them so that you can get work on your case.

There are several factors that affect what penalties a person might face. One factor is whether the victim of the assault was chosen specifically because of his or her race, gender, religious beliefs or similar factors. If that is an element of the case, minimum incarceration sentences apply. In the case of simple assault with that element, a minimum of six months of incarceration with at least 30 days of that sentence mandatory is required by Virginia law.

That is only one example of the penalties that are possible in an assault case. If you are facing an assault charge, we can help you to learn about the possible penalties that you are facing. We can review your case to determine what defense strategies are possible. You don’t have to try to develop your defense and protect your rights alone.

We understand that your case is unique. The defense methods that worked for another assault case might not apply to your case. We can take all the elements of your case, including the evidence, and consider those when we are helping you to decide upon a strategy. While we can’t promise you that will walk away without any penalty, we can offer you a vigorous defense.


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