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Assault charges placed against husband of woman missing for days

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2015 | Assault & Battery |

The situations that lead up to a domestic assault charge are often events in which only those involved will ever truly know what happened. Since many of the incidents leading up to charges happen behind closed doors, it is sometimes hard to figure out what happened. Often, learning what happened means having to unweave a tangled web. A recent case in Virginia shows just how twisted these cases can be.

A woman in Virginia suffered from a head injury a week before sending her husband a text message saying she was checking into a hospital. The woman checked into Patient First in Short Pump, but left before her name was called. She sent her husband another message saying that she was being sent to the hospital for x-rays. The woman then turned off her phone. A search for the woman ensued.

The woman was found at a hotel when a license plate reader captured the plate on her vehicle. When police officers found her, she claimed she was hiding from the man because he had assaulted her. She got an order of protection against her husband.

Her husband says that he didn’t assault her. He claims the allegations were because he and her daughters tried to take her keys away from her when she was drunk. Still, he was arrested on domestic assault charges after officers found probable cause to do so. This man now has to fight to keep his name clear from these charges.

Anyone who is facing domestic violence charges should begin the process of building their defense early. Knowing your rights, going over the evidence, and exploring your defense options can help you with your case.

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