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Develop a firm defense against assault or battery charges

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2015 | Assault & Battery |

Our previous blog post covered how circumstances can lead to an assault or battery charge being upgraded to an aggravated assault or aggravated battery charge. When that occurs, there are more serious penalties associated with a conviction. Because of that, it is important for anyone facing these charges to understand that firm representation is vital.

One of the main points you should know is what differentiates assault from battery. Assault occurs when you threaten violence. Battery occurs when you actually become physically violent. That means you can be charged with verbal assault but not verbal battery.

No matter what form of assault or battery you are facing, you need to understand the consequences associated with a conviction. You have to know what elements of your case led to the charges placed against you. You have to learn about the evidence the prosecutor has for your case. You have to determine if there are any deals available. Once you have all those factors, you can decide how to handle a defense.

We know that you want to be found not guilty of the charges placed against you. While we can’t guarantee that will happen, we can promise that we will work hard on your defense. Don’t think that the charges against you will just go away on their own. Instead, stand up for your rights. Stand up for your freedom. Fight against your charges by offering up a firm defense that shows your side of what happened during the alleged assault or battery.


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