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Expungements in Virginia might help your future

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2014 | Larceny & Theft |

A person who has a criminal history can often have difficulties with various aspects of life. We have often covered some cases that might affect a person’s ability to get a job, find housing or live a socially acceptable life. Some of these people might have the right to have their records expunged.

Getting records expunged in Virginia isn’t always easy. We have helped people to successfully have misdemeanors, traffic violations, larceny arrests and DUI crimes removed from their record. Knowing how to make these petitions and determining if a case qualifies for an expungement takes considerable knowledge of the law.

Having an arrest expunged has a lot of benefits. In essence, the arrest is removed from your record for good. This means that law enforcement agencies have to remove all references to your arrest form their record. It is also the first step in removing the record from Internet searches and other databases. This means that employers, potential landlords and others who do searches on your criminal history won’t know about the arrest.

As you can see, having an arrest removed from your record can also positively affect your social status. Potential dates and others won’t be aware of your arrest if it isn’t on any records. This might help to take away some of the stigma of certain arrests, such as DUI arrests.

We can help you learn about your right to seek an expungment. We can help you through every stage as you move through the process. Taking action to have an arrest expunged is something you have to do since it isn’t automatic.


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