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Assault charges filed against man thrown out of bar

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2014 | Assault & Battery |

A 23-year-old man from Alexandria, Virginia, was arrested after being thrown out of a bar. He is facing two assault charges classified as felonies as well as one charge of misdemeanor assault. During the altercation while he was being removed from the bar, he assaulted the bar’s bouncer, as well as a firefighter and a police officer, according to authorities.

During the incident, the police used a Taser weapon to shock him twice, claiming that it was necessary to make him cease fighting them, and subsequently to compel him to let go of the fingers on a fireman’s hand. A police report stated that the firefighter was then trying to examine him to see if he was injured.

Police claimed that the defendant had been thrown out for fighting in the bar and had been combative once outside. They also said that he appeared drunk and grabbled with an officer on the ground before the Taser was first used to shock him. He was subdued an handcuffed on the ground when the firefighter attempted to examine him to look for injuries, which is when he is accused of grabbing the firefighter’s fingers and refusing to let go. The Taser was then used against him for a second time.

The defendant was released on $500 bond following his arrest. In many encounters with police, bar bouncers, and other personnel who customarily use force as part of their job duties, there are frequently two sides to the stories, including instances where they have used excessive force or actually initiated the use of force when a dispute was only verbal. Whether this was the case in this instance cannot be determined until the arrestee has a chance to tell his side of the story. The use of a device such as the Taser, which passes an electrical current through the human body to produce an electrical shock is a substantial use of force that should only be used when necessary. There have been cases where people themselves attacked by police have actually been charged with assault to cover up police misconduct. Criminal defense attorneys know that police officers don’t always tell the truth and are always ready to hear your side of the story and to fight for justice for you against false charges.

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