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Pair face charges in two robberies

On Behalf of | May 29, 2013 | Larceny & Theft |

Police have accused a woman and a man of being responsible for theft in two robberies in Woodbridge, Virginia. The man is a resident of the town, while the woman lives in nearby Burke. In one such robbery, a 37-year-old male resident claimed that he was robbed while he was going to supposedly meet a woman for the first time. When he arrived at the designated rendezvous point, an unknown male accompanying the woman allegedly brandished a knife and took his cell phone and a quantity of money before stealing his car and fleeing in it.

In a subsequent incident, a 45-year-old man asserted that he ran into a woman he had not previously known and that she drove him to a location in her car where he was robbed by a man with a knife who had been hiding in the vehicle’s backseat all along. The vehicle was said to have been stolen.

Investigators argue that the pair they arrested based on store surveillance photos from the area of the two robberies were involved in both incidents. Prosecutors say that, in neither case were the purported robbery victims physically harmed in any way. Both of the defendants arrested are currently being held in custody without bond. Police claimed that they discovered drug paraphernalia on both defendants during a search incident prior to arrest.

The male arrestee is 31-years-old, and the age of the female arrestee was not specified. He is facing two grand larceny charges, as well as three credit card theft charges, while she faces the same charges in addition to additional charges arising from allegedly giving a false name to police when she was arrested.

In most instances, it may be best, or even necessary, for each of the multiple defendants charged in common incidents to have their own separate defense attorneys to avoid a conflict of interest.

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