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Farmville man arrested, suspected of numerous burglaries

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2013 | Larceny & Theft |

Authorities are trying to pin the blame for an entire string of robberies on a recently arrested man from Farmville, Va. The man, who police think might have worked with an accomplice, is already facing theft charges in connection with a stolen vehicle.

His current criminal charge stems from a home burglary in Fauquier County. The homeowner returned home during the afternoon to find a Ford Taurus parked in the driveway. A suspected burglar appeared from inside the home, got in the vehicle and drove away. A second person appeared later, and hurdled over a wall to flee. This prompted a police search.

Authorities were unable to find the men directly after the burglary and found the suspicious vehicle burnt. Police did, however, spot a man in the area they believe was involved with the break-in.

A van was later reported stolen from a winery and police believed one of the men involved in the burglary was responsible. They tracked down the van at a local hotel and arrested a male suspect while the other one remains free. However, police believe they know who the other suspect is and continue to pursue him.

Authorities are now trying to link the man they already arrested to a string of burglaries that took place in Loudoun and Fauquier counties. The burglaries took place at various homes throughout the area and occurred in the middle of the day when homeowners were not around.

While there might be substantial evidence weighing against the man for theft of the van, it might be more challenging for police to link him to previous burglaries. The man should not be tied to these criminal acts based on a hunch. Only credible evidence can lead to an indictment of such offenses.

If police do try to tie the man to other burglaries, he can opt to bring the case to trial and let a jury of his peers determine if law enforcement’s claims are credible.

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