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Alleged carjacker and bank robber eludes Virginia police

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2011 | Larceny & Theft |

Police in Fairfax and Prince William counties have been keeping a running tab of alleged crimes against a Manassas woman still on the loose. The police-identified 26-year-old woman is accused of two recent bank robberies and a knife point auto theft, all committed within the last few weeks.

The woman is most recently connected with a Fairfax County bank robbery in the 8400 block of Old Keene Mill Road. Police say the suspect told bank employers she had a weapon and robbed the BB&T Bank on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. No one was hurt.

Authorities in Prince William County say the same suspect is believed to have robbed the Virginia Commerce Bank on Balls Ford Road less than a week earlier. The day after the first-known bank robbery, the Manassas woman reportedly pulled a carjacking in Tysons Corner Center.

The suspect allegedly fooled a 59-year-old woman driver into believing she needed a ride because she had run out of gas. Once inside the vehicle, the Manassas woman displayed a knife and asked the driver leave the vehicle. Police have yet to locate the stolen car.

Law enforcement officials in both counties are waging mass media campaigns to locate the robbery and carjacking suspect. Photographs of the woman are plastered alongside news stories of the recent allegations, and information is widely available to the public to aid in the suspect’s capture.

A local television station connected the wanted woman with the MS-13 gang. The media outlet reported the suspect was a recent witness in a murder case and a former member of the street gang.

Everybody makes mistakes for one reason or another. No matter what the woman in this case may or may not have done, knowing that police are looking for you can be frightening. She is probably worried about potential consequences, which could include jail time. In these situations, seeking experienced legal advice may be wise.

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