Administrative Hearings

Individuals who must file for a hearing are typically frustrated by the process. It is not uncommon, however, for benefit applications to be denied and appealed. We regularly help clients at this stage of the process and are confident in our ability to effectively guide our clients to a successful resolution.

As stage three, the administrative hearings process can seem like a challenge. There will be an administrative law judge (ALJ), testimony and cross-examinations. This is the stage that most attorneys get involved in. Here, we can submit all of your medical records that you have accumulated over the years for review by the ALJ.

Extensive Experience Guiding Clients Through Administrative Hearings

Our attorneys have extensive experience guiding clients through an administrative hearing. We will prepare a letter brief on behalf of the case to be reviewed by the ALJ. We will also explore the possibility of bringing a witness. A vocational expert (VE) may be at the hearing on behalf of the government. The VE will give testimony regarding the types of jobs the disabled individual can or cannot do. We will have the opportunity to cross-examine the VE and challenge his or her testimony about other work that you might be able to perform. Count on Ronald E. Smith, P.C., to protect your rights and best interests through every stage of the process.

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