Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a serious offense and usually carries stiff penalties. Whether you are charged in state or federal court, it is essential to have a skilled Virginia criminal defense lawyer on your side who can protect your freedom as well as dissect every facet of the case.

At Ronald E. Smith, P.C., located in Fairfax, Virginia, we have been defending people charged with all types of drug offenses, including drug trafficking, since we founded our firm over 28 years ago. Our first priority is making sure you have a solid defense and that you are treated fairly by the criminal justice system. We will stand by your side from the time you are arraigned through trial and sentencing, if you are convicted. As your advocate, we are committed to helping get the charges dismissed or obtaining a non-guilty verdict.

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Defending Drug Trafficking Charges

Our law firm has the resources and reputation of a large firm, but we offer the benefits of a small firm as well; we believe in forming strong, close relationships with our clients by being available to them. Our criminal defense attorneys are open to answering questions any time and we will always promptly update you when there is a development in your case.

We handle schedule-one and schedule-two cases for all types of narcotics from marijuana to cocaine trafficking. We understand how to challenge evidence successfully, question the veracity of witnesses and protect your constitutional rights. We will do everything that is legally and ethically within our power to achieve a favorable result for you.

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